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The Fourth issue of our video-zine BLURRED FACES. Subways and trains from Hamburg, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Athens, Madrid and more.

Watch earlier episodes of BLURRED FACES here:
Blurred Faces 01
Blurred Faces 02
Blurred Faces 03

The face is crucial for human identity. We use our face to express our feelings, communicate and identify each other. The first impression of a person we meet is often based of their looks. By blurring a persons face he/she will be unreachable and non-identifiable. Focus will move from the person to his or hers actions. BLURRED FACES is a video-zine by SPRAY DAILY™ featuring anonymous faceless artists writing their pseudonyms on trains and subways around the world.

OUT NOW! Flight Mode – Treasured Moments and Memorabilia

Flight Mode – Treasured Moments and Memorabilia. Accompany painters and photographers travel around the globe and get a glimpse into their otherwise often hidden oeuvres. The Book solely consists of writer specials and presents only high quality images in a clean layout. The book is printed in a limited edition of 300 copies and is available exclusively through Spraydaily.com. Each copy comes with two postcards designed by team Flight Mode. Featuring: 1LS, ALTGR, BASF, BEZ, CVA, D30, DFF, DHE, DSF, EQT, GBR, HACF, LMK, LONS, KHC, PAL, RCS, TGF, TOJ, TRY, UT, VRS & WMD Buy it in our shop: Spraydaily.com/product/flight-mode Worldwide flat-rate shipping, 7 EUR