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Narrow Gauge Tales

Postcard from a bunch of writers representing the train writing scene in Patras City in Greece. The suburban railway of Patras is a small line that serves Patras city and it’s suburbs since 2010. It is characterised by the narrow (metric) gauge tracks, and the fact that is single line. This leads that no more than one train can be moving along the line, therefore the same train rolls back and forth all day, and the services are limited to one train per hour on each direction.

Graffiti Goes East – Polish graffiti book

gge_1_okladka gge_18_warszawa gge_26-toury

“Graffiti Goes East” is a 656 pages book about the history of graffiti culture in Poland and it’s famous, but now gone, orange trains. It contains profiles of 17 Polish cities, including the most influential scenes of Warsaw, Gdansk, Szczecin and Wroclaw. More than hundred of Polish writers are heard remembering the good old and present days. The book includes contributions of European personalities, who have been visiting Poland since the mid 90-ties, such as Kobolt, Steak, Honet, Opak, Buni, Vino, Kripoe, Cakes, Philly, Cept and others.
Buy it over here: Concrete or Not 4 Toys

Point – Alternate plan(e)s 2013

totem point

Here’s a video and some pictures from the show Point / Alternate Plan(e)s in the Chemistry Gallery. As we know from back in the nineties Jan Kalab aka Point aka Cakes are a very known graffiti artist. Here’s some info about the artist:
Jan Kaláb (*1978) is front czech young artist with roots in graffiti and urban art. He is known for 3D graffiti sculptures POINT and lately also for his abstract paintings on canveses or on murals in public space. He took part on many international exhibitions like Back Jumps (DE), Ewerwanting streets (SWE), Planet Prozess (DE), Names (CZ), De Dentro e De Fora (BR) and more. In 2006 he and other artists established legendary centre of alternative culture in Prague called Trafačka. Since 2007 they also run Trafo gallery in the same complex.
Kalab’s style is easy recognisible for strong composition, pure shapes and clean colours. His new exhibition called Point / Alternate Plan(e)s runs until 7th of July in the Chemistry gallery in Prague. The main motive of the whole exhibition is circle – sphere vs. hole. Beside paintings on canvases are shown two painted spheres, cutted canvases and endless video composition. The whole glass front of the gallery is covered with a sticker and painted, so if you step inside the gallery you come into the painting. Outside is installed red Totem Point sculpture which conclude the serie of red Points installed around public spaces in various towns around the world.