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Narrow Gauge Tales

Postcard from a bunch of writers representing the train writing scene in Patras City in Greece. The suburban railway of Patras is a small line that serves Patras city and it’s suburbs since 2010. It is characterised by the narrow (metric) gauge tracks, and the fact that is single line. This leads that no more than one train can be moving along the line, therefore the same train rolls back and forth all day, and the services are limited to one train per hour on each direction.

#Inflvuencers 001: Selina Miles (Livestream recording)

Adjusting to current circumstances, Boris releases a new format on his Grifters channel – a series of interviews. Roughly one hour of conversation with Australian Photographer Selina Miles, ranging from making money over to mutual influences on free projects with artists such as Martha Cooper, Sofles, Sobekcis and Felipe Pantone.

Podcast #013 – Good Guy Boris

For the first Podcast this year, they talked to Good Guy Boris from The Grifters. We can save an idea, most of you have surely stumbled upon him or his videos on the Internet in recent years. Whether back then at Streetfiles.org or later here with us or YouTube, when the first Grifters Code videos went online. Over time, the Bulgarian was on the move a lot, moved to Paris and has also created his own network here in Germany – visible to everyone – to produce videos with the 1UP Crew, the BERLIN KIDZ or Moses & Taps.

Boris is a sprayer himself, but also does journalistic work and obviously wants to entertain his viewers and followers. Many can laugh about it, some cannot. A polarization is certainly factored into everything Boris does. Six years ago, the way he presented himself and his videos on the Internet caused problems. Boris was arrested, was in prison for a while, but was released. Some of the cases have still not been negotiated. But that is not the only reason why the Grifters Code video series has become quiet and Boris now lives in Athens and “broadcasts” from there on social media.

In this podcast we talk about the time before and after Grifters Code and how Boris looks back over the past 15 years. It’s about graffiti, music, politics, magazines and books. Boris also briefly tells us the title of the next book, which will soon be published by his publisher and what you can or cannot expect from him in the future.