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BOYS Crew And Friends Coloring Book

New coloring book for print made by the Swedish BOYS Crew. The coloring book features artist such as:
Laia, Too Fly NYC, Blöt, Moms, Fresh Yin, Exil, Lumes, Cape, Marie, Omeh, Dumpa din kille, Gerl, Konda, Riri, Bubz, Einna, Babe, Elis, Dune, Oseks, Böna, Yrke, Sky, Neka, Gäri, Krita, Slur, Seor, Rya, Nema and Jelly.

Download the coloring book here:
BOYS Crew And Friends Coloring Book

OMSTart – Stockholm, Sweden

Today was the start of a new project in Stockholm called OMSTart. A few of the best Swedish graffiti writers will paint a part of the so called Kolingsborg area in Slussen, Stockholm. Recently the round building was painted white and it got very controversial in this town that has been a zero tolerance city when it comes to graffiti for 20 years! Here you have the writers that will paint the area: Gouge, Blue, Ångest, Ikaroz, NugFits and Ruskig.