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Hello My Name Is: Dais


Name: Dais
Crew: AllStarS (ASS CREW)
City/Country: Copenhagen/Denmark
When did you start writing? 1988

What’s graffiti for you?
A creative playground that I enjoy together with good friends.

What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track?
One day at school two of my friends at the time, Thomas and Fede-Kim (Fat-Kim), where reading the famous Danish graffiti book “Dansk Wild Style Graffiti”. I had a look and I was really impressed how the whitelines in the pieces made letters and bubbles stand out. We were hooked from there…

Can you remember the first piece you did?
Yes. Thomas, Fat-Kim and I were totally into a tv series called The Young Ones. And for the fun of it we wrote “Niel”. Niel is a fun hippie. He is one of the main characters in The Young Ones. We did the piece in the local concrete tunnel in the summer of ’88.

How would you describe your style?
These days I’m doing a lot of stuff that have some sort of logic to it shape wise. It’s almost like a mathematical way the letters have similar angles and fits together like in a game of Tetris. Haha… But I don’t really think I have a specific style. I try to explore different styles as much as possible. And even mix them together at times. But a key word for my paintings is “contrast”. I usually place thick shapes next to thin shapes. Tight shapes next to messy shapes. Shinny shapes next to sketched shapes. Etc.

What writers have inspired you?
I would say Tele and Gnoe. (Both from Denmark). I did a lot of innovative paintings with those two guys like 15 years ago. Their approach to graffiti and art in general is great. Not being afraid of doing stuff in different ways. They really ment a lot to me!

Do you adapt your pieces and tags to the spot/surface?
Yes. Here is a couple of examples: I have done a couple of paintings on wooden surfaces with such nice structure that I made the choice to keep some of the wooden surface as part of the painting. (see pictures below) I have transformed road construction materials into huge red and white tags. (see pictures below) I have done a series of work creating squares from different elements in the streets, using paint, paper, water, wood, etc. (see pictures below)

Lately I’ve been influenced by the way people explore graffiti on digital media. I’ve challenged myself to think the digital media as part of some of my paintings. The result is a series of paintings that I call “Letter Transformation”. It’s basically the old stop/motion technique that I use to animate letters. But each step in the animation is a regular piece size, and they are painted next to each other. They end up being pretty wide. At my painting at Roskilde Festival 2015, it was 10 letter sections next to each other that made the total of 100 meters of wall painting. Festival guest had the opportunity to view the animation on their iPhones and on the screens on the main stage in between concerts.
Letter Transformation at Roskilde Festival by Dais: Youtube.com/watch?v=qnD8sH–vQc
Letter Transformation by Dais & Pheo: Youtube.com/watch?v=eBFz0waqJhM

Tell us about your city, how is life and graffiti there?
In general people in Denmark focus way too much on rules. I’m looking for opportunities rather than limitations. (Both in graffiti and in real life)

What keeps you still writing?
I still have paint left! Haha…

What trends are you seeing now in the graffiti world that you don’t like?
Hmm… I pretty much like all types of graffiti. That’s the beauty of it I think. That writers are really dedicated and they create stuff in so many different ways.

What do you do when you’re not painting?
I’m trying to have as much fun as possible with my family, my friends and at work.

What do you think about the new generation of writers in your city?
It looks like they are really getting busy and comes with a lot of energy. But too bad I’m too busy to really catch up with everything now a days.

What are the best and worst aspects of graffiti?
The best aspect is that there are no rules. The worst aspect is that people seems to focus on rules anyway.

Can you ever feel tired of graffiti?
Not really. Even if you are exhausted after working on a big painting. It feels like a relief doing something fast or something simple. You know like throwies or simple styles.

Who do you paint for?
Myself I guess. If somebody else likes my stuff, that’s a bonus.

What do you hope people will think and feel when they see your stuff?
It’s always nice if people like what you’re doing. But like I said, that’s a bonus.

Future plans?
In the near future my plan is to challenge myself doing paintings with few colors. Limitations often force you to be more creative. I like that. And after a period of paintings with few colors. I guess I might want to use loads of different colors for a while… haha. Cheers.

Instagram: @Dais_dk

Hello My Name Is: Pheo [BEA]


Name: Pheo
Crew: CLICK Family, BEA, ASS & Lups
City/country: Copenhagen, Denmark.
When did you start writing: Around 1989-90

What’s graffiti for you: Graffiti to me is a state of mind. A place within, where I relax, and find my peace of mind. This is where I have the opportunity to express my creative side using all of my different energies in a constructive way.

Influences: When I first started out in the late 1980’s my primary sources of inspiration were CMP and Spin05. They were both a few years older than me, and already at that time very skilled writers, who also had social qualities and values. In so many ways, they were role models, who took very good care of us youngsters, as we were coming up. I learned many cardinal virtues from them, that I keep in mind and still live by today, for that I am truly grateful. As of today, my primary source of inspiration are fellow writers from my various crews. They are all, old and dear friends, and further more artistic motivators who’s influence contributes to my graffiti. Among them are TwebDaslHusk Mit Navn and Reim.

Quantity vs Quality: To me it’s all about energy and temperament, when it comes to graffiti my life is divided in to fazes of both. In some fazes, I am in need of painting as mush and as often as possible in a Quantity supersedes Quality kind of rage. In other fazes, the only thing that makes sense, is careful planning, concerning the sketch as well as coloring, and emplacement, with attention to details, and with the sole purpose of refining my techniques.

What keeps me still writing: I still have much to learn, Graffiti is a never ending circle of development, as long as you have the inspiration. Further developing my letters and my techniques keeps me motivated. Besides that, a matter of great importance to me is the social aspect of this cultural form. The opportunity to join up with people local, as well as global, with the purpose of sharing experiences with, and the passion for Graffiti, you just can’t put a price on that.

Future plans: I have no plans in the making, a lot of dreams though, and a constant urge to paint, as much as possible.

Instagram: @Clicks05

Hello my name is: SweetUno [ASS,WAF]

Name: SweetUno
Crew: ASS, WAF
City / Country: Born in Basel,switzerland living in Heidelberg, Germany
When did you start writing: 1989/90

What’s graffiti for you: Freedom, identity, friends, art, funk, passion, silence, anarchy…

Influences: Basel, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Roma, Los Angeles, New York. Writers from allover the world with own personal style creations. Street- and train bombing.

Quantity vs quality: Preferably both…

What keeps you still writing: Good pieces from other writers pushes me always… advance my own stuff…

Future plans: A lot of freestyle pieces and organising “Kick and Throw graffiti show” for september in Mannheim, Germany with IKAROZ from stockholm, FORM76 from hamburg, ILK and KENO from paris and myself… see yaa there!

Website: www.sweetuno.de (under revision at the moment)

Copenhagen Walls, March 2014


Copenhagen has always been known for its colourful pieces and great styles. Here is a collection of photos shot from 1st of January – 25th of March 2014. Some of the photos where shot by ourself during one of our trips but most shots where taken by Jens-Peter Brask (Braskart.com), make sure you also check his IG feed: Instagram.com/brask007.

If you would like to make a photo report from your city or just contribute with some photos to our Instagram feed (Instagram.com/spraydaily) please send your photos to info[at]spraydaily.com.