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Blaues Licht

Contextualizing this movie does not seem too easy – there is a thin line between providing information and spoilering. A full length feature film that plays with Graffiti stereotypes, urban interventions and metafiction. Expect to behold break and enter, while simultaneously breaking the fourth wall. German language, but with english subtitles. Must see!

#Inflvuencers 001: Selina Miles (Livestream recording)

Adjusting to current circumstances, Boris releases a new format on his Grifters channel – a series of interviews. Roughly one hour of conversation with Australian Photographer Selina Miles, ranging from making money over to mutual influences on free projects with artists such as Martha Cooper, Sofles, Sobekcis and Felipe Pantone.

Dark Days by Marc Singer

The Freedom Tunnel in New York has emanated a strong fascination to society ever since. Numerous videos about the obscure location can be found online. Fuelled by Books such as “The Mole People” by Jennifer Toth (1993), media coverage has been steady throughout the years. One exceptional highlight dwelling on the man made cave is Marc Singer’s “Dark Days” (2000), which underlines intense footage with a soundtrack by DJ Shadow. Appealing to music enthusiasts, writers and urbexers alike, the film is an absolute must see. The embedded video shows the first 10 minutes of the gonzo documentary.

Stencil Pioneer – Blek Le Rat (Paris) The Rise of Graffiti Writing (2) – From New York To Europe (3/6)

Blek Le Rat (born in 1951, real name Xavier Prou) is a street artist active since the early 1980s. Although fascinated by the New York scene his works project a distinctly French sensibility. His signature use of stencils and his emblem the rat has influenced many street artists the world over including Banksy.