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Stencil Pioneer – Blek Le Rat (Paris) The Rise of Graffiti Writing (2) – From New York To Europe (3/6)

Blek Le Rat (born in 1951, real name Xavier Prou) is a street artist active since the early 1980s. Although fascinated by the New York scene his works project a distinctly French sensibility. His signature use of stencils and his emblem the rat has influenced many street artists the world over including Banksy.

Graffiti and Street Art to Save a Generation

In this episode of Art World, our host travels to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, one of the most violent cities in the world. There, local artists are taking back their neighborhoods from violent street gangs with the help of graffiti. Our host meets with two young street artists, Rei Blinky and Maeztro Urbano, who are dedicated to bringing art back to San Pedro Sula and creating real change through positive spaces for young people to express themselves.