STAR – A Graffiti Movie Between Paris And Roma

Romain, a young graffiti writer from Paris gets arrested for painting trains.Under the threat of a trial for vandalism he decides to leave to Rome with his crew in quest for the true meaning of his art. Synopsis “STAR” is the nickname of Romain Parisi, his tag, his authority on the streets. Trains, streets, subway tunnels, store gates, his name is everywhere. The echoes of his nocturnal escapades resonate amongst both galleries and the anti-graffiti brigade. one morning the police arrives. Search, custody, Star can deny the facts the evidence is there. Under the threat of a record fine and a heavy prison sentence, he collapses. If Star is gone, Romain falls into anonymity. He can count on Clash, Killer Kane and Hater, three older graffiti artists whom now exhibit in art galleries, to overcome this ordeal The band decides to leave Paris for Rome. Star will regain its strength. With his crew, he floods the walls and subways of the Eternal City, finds love in the person of Figa, a young Italian graffiti artist, and discovers the Italian Renaissance … he will also be reborn in Rome. To Star it’s a revelation. He must get rid of this reputation thirst that led stalled. Embarked on a journey that looks like a road movie, Romain will have to over- come all obstacles for the creation of his work.

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