Side Effect – DVD Out now!

Brno again gives a sign that the local graffiti scene is definitely not sleeping. After a long time and after a series of videos East Side and Usual suspects, another video comes to the world, this time called Side effect. This graffiti video mapping the bulk of the local scene comes under Disgrafix label, which has been creating a business card from Brno since the end of the nineties about the graffiti presentation. Video Side Effect is conceptually built so that the viewer pulls into the atmosphere not only of trains, but also of streets where selected handstylers are shown. As a matter of course, the events themselves, as well as the passes and recordings of the results, all in less than a video, divided into the following chapters: Regional trains, street, trams, subways, tours and special pantographs. Writers engaging in this project have been actively filming for the past year, but the resulting video maps activity between 2015-2017. As is already evident from the division of chapters, the cameras also looked outside of the Czech Republic, namely Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, or South Africa, for example. (Google Translate).

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