S.kape 289 – My Blue Suede Shoes

I am happy that FLAME™ PAINT sent me some cans in order to try them. FLAME™ is being distributed by MOLOTOW (they are well known and need no introduction). FLAME™ PAINT is being produced in Europe. The company is producing spray paint for quite a while now, they know what they are doing. I painted with all different kinds of spray paint during my travels, with one conclusion: You should be able to paint with every can, because the quality of the paint can’t help, if you have no style. Certainly quality does matter, you just have to compare graffities of the 90s and these days. I think Europeans are quite spoiled regarding good paint for an affordable price. I like to use good material, it’s much more fun to work with and you have less negative surprises. Talking about quality paint there are some things that really matter to me: Paint should be safe, so fuck toxic ingredients. It should cover well, on every surface. The output system should be easy to control, no matter what temperature it is.

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