Roger Gastman discuses graffiti vs street art

roger-gastman-discuses-graffiti-versus-street-art-go-go-culture-and-the-legend-of-cool-disco-dan-1 met up with Roger Gastman to discuss his movie ‘The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan’ but also the difference between graffiti and street art, the commercial sides of graffiti and his projects in general. Read the full interview at

“Traditional graffiti started in Philadelphia in the mid-’60s and became famous on the New York subway trains in the early ’70s. As a curator, author, producer and ex-active member of the graffiti community, I continue to see the movement grow exponentially. There needs to be much more education and definition behind the history and culture of graffiti and its differentiation with street art. For example, if a piece of art has been done with a can of spray paint, all of a sudden the term “street art” comes to play. That’s not necessarily the case: it’s a mural and someone was using a spray can. It’s amazing how many stems have grown from graffiti. There just needs to be a clearer distinction.” –

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