Risote – Déclenchés, CAT Exhibition trailer

“The street quickly emerged as a preferred medium for Rizote, and graffiti has become a way to expand the field of possibility. Rizote knew to reinvent himself on each of his interventions and to conceive graffiti as a playful universe without compulsion or limit. It is a sensitive experience and constantly renewing from a liberty that lives and expresses itself in an unconstrained way.
The city is no longer the regulated and oppressive place where everyone’s fate seems to be programmed to where they live or work. Graffiti has become imperative for Rizote, with the necessity of reclaiming the city and the space. To deliberately take two steps following the way of a side road, to jump over a balustrade, or to climb a fence in order to paint. It’s this progress Rizote has decided to tell in his first exhibition, CAT. It is an exhibition dedicated to all the fundamental elements that make graffiti. Therefore, Rizote is interested in an urban journey that is linked to graffiti. He also reveals repeated interventions, voluntary or otherwise suffered by “pieces” during their ephemeral lives and thereby deals with various life cycles of graffiti. Whether they are “toyed” or “crossed” by other writers or the railway police. Undergoing the test of time or the repeating interventions of the cleaners is always a new creative process that is taking place. It is the very notions of art and interactivity that are surveyed here. Is art a voluntary creation or not, collective, social or purely personal? Rizote chose to tell graffiti as experienced on the edge in his exhibition. He first focused on the quest, adventure and urban experience that make graffiti an odd and peculiar way to experience freedom. On this journey, he discusses a little more about consumerism and commodification, the standard and the forbidden, the limits and transgression.”