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Svensk Old School Graffiti, PREVIEW


Svensk Old School Graffiti documents the first chapter of Swedish graffiti, 1984–1992. Some say it was a golden era. In the beginning, the paintings were happy, naive and charming – impossible to recreate today. Later on, they became brutal and technically advanced monsters.

The book is a 260 pages heavy piece showing material that has never been published before. Rare photos of pieces, writers and spots. More than twenty-five writers have looked back and shared their thoughts on graffiti, memories and reflections.

Flight Mode III – Old Habits, New Habitats (OUT NOW)


Sit back, relax and take a tour around our planet again. The third volume of the Flight Mode series exclusively consists of writer specials like and presents only high quality content in a clean layout – this time only thicker and with a hard cover. The book is printed in a limited edition of 500 copies and is available in an exclusive bundle through Each copy comes with stickers and an exclusive, see-through wash bag. The bag gets your toiletries and markers through security checks at any airport easily. Sleek and suave, the bag will accompany you on all your future adventures. Book including specials with Minor, Pubes, Skel, Gomer, Sior, Cherokee, Noee, Xray, Edward Nightingale and more.

OUT NOW! Incognito Magazine #21

Finally the 21th issue of Incognito Magazine is out, check out the video and get the magazine over here: 

Back with yet another bag filled with eye candy! This time with an extended edition of 16 extra pages to make room for all the great flicks we have received.
Else than extra sized categories of bombing, walls and trains from all over the globe we go travelling all across Europe to give you some great unreleased stuff from EaserSpair, Screw, Spacer and Odio.

REMIO “11:34 Is Only A Number”

Our latest zine collab with REMIO is now available here: 

Remio “11:34 Is Only A Number” contains a collection of personal photos by Remio. Each zine comes in a zip-bag with hand made stickers and an A2 printed poster. The A5 zine is printed in a limited edition of 150 copies and available exclusively through SPRAY DAILY™.

Extension of a thought by Zedrick Meyer

klickklack»Extension of a thought« by the artist Zedrick Meyer is based a one-day installation, in which two opposing mirrors were used to extend a 30 metres long, abandoned railway track into infinity. The publication is released by Klick Klack Publishing and documents the planning and execution of the action and is the only witness of this temporary intervention. Now available in a edition of 250 copies (numbered), the booklet comes in silkscreened envelope, each including one offset print (880 × 630 mm) of the final installation. Grab your copy at: