Have you ever wondered what graffiti would look like if created by a panda? Sounds unusual, doesn’t it ? On top of that in a place that seems unreachable and no one ever did ? With these questions our journey began, which ended with us being on a dam with over 100 meters altitude and rappelling down while painting. Dressed as injured pandas, representing threatened nature, we show our interpretation of how nature takes revenge and responds to the ongoing exploitation. Up there it is a place where nature reigns and human presence is minimal. Through our video, we wanted to highlight the beauty of nature and at the same time point out the responsibility we have as humanity to preserve that. We are independent and not associated with political groups, we are just artists who have found a way to express ourselves with all the artistic forms we like and can imagine. We understand our work as an intervention in the public environment, which therefore affects everyone.

Although a dam promotes carbon neutrality, this alone is sadly not enough. The richest ten percent alone account for about 50 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions every year and since 1990 the top 1% caused almost a quarter of global emissions. (SOURCE)In the center of the artwork, we see a globe attached to a price tag on which is written “SALE”, displaying how earth is treated as a product. Our message: The world can not be sold, and is not for sale.

Artists: ORAKLE and ATMO
Photography: EIRIKUR
Drone Operator: ORAKLE
Post Production: ATMO
Music/Sound Production: JONATHAN WALTER

Special Thanks to SPRAYDAILY for sharing our message again and especially we thank JONATHAN who understood our vision and captured it by creating this breathtaking soundtrack.
// All used materials were correctly disposed leaving no harm on the environment.

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