Painting Dhaka – Project Teaser

“If there is one thing I have learned so far in my life and my travels it is that graffiti works everywhere. But, is that true for Dhaka? Does this kid work in a country where people live just to survive? Would you like to have graffiti bring about self-confidence in a place? Starting in the middle of October, I want to teach at this school. For two months I will exchange the regular, orderly life of Berlin for the 20-million city of Dhaka in order to make graffiti with the kids. The canvas will be on the trains – wagons that rush by every day just a few meters from the school, both life threateningly close yet instrumental as a transit through the city. The students and I want to develop the concepts together, right there, concepts where each students paints and sprays one wagon. With permission of BangladeshRailway these wagons want to travel through Dhaka starting in November and want to carry the kids’ self-expression through the metropolis. Children want to turn their self-confidence into a more colorful world for themselves and their communities” More info here:

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