Rask – Not your ordinary tourist

Since a few months a new name started to pop up in the streets of Stockholm. Hitting the streets with tags and throw-ups Rask made a name pretty quick and many guys asked “Who is this guy?”. We got this video in our inbox a couple of days ago, 10 minutes of bombing from Stockholm. It won’t tell you who this mysterious man is but if you like bombing you won’t get disappointed. If you’re looking for more make sure you also check out the newly published interview with Rask at

Please give us an introduction to yourself. Who you are, where you come from, what crews you’re in, what you do and such?
Ciao! My name is… Is this an interview or an interrogation?! No just kidding, first of all I’m honored to be invited to the last Sunday special of Grandsmack (even if Alexander is a Juventus fan). I go by the pseudonym of Rask, at least that’s what I’m writing at the time. I use the word pseudonym because graffiti is such an unexpected part of my life and the ones around me. Almost none of my close friends know that I write, and a lot of people would actually be shocked if the curtain got pulled. A businessman from Italy, properly dressed caught vandalizing and “destroying” things. Mamma mia, I wonder what the reaction would be… My mother would kill me for sure. Read the whole interview on the Grandsmack site