RELEASE Incognito Magazine #13

Incognito Issue 13

Time flies, and we are here once again bringing you Incognito volume 13.

In this day and age when Internet graff is the main forum for viewing graff flix, you often hear people say that there is no need for magazines since everything has already been shown online.
– Well, if you think that every fresh nugget was already published online, you need to think again!
In Incognito #13 we have some pretty jam-packed sections of bombing, walls and trains featuring new school burners, drippy silver tags and unpublished burners on the rolling steel among much more. In the interview section have the Finnish style legend –  EGS, who is showing a big bunch of his recent heaters. Then, we have noticed the name GBR popping up in our face with classy train pieces for a while now and thought it was time to get some words and images from the boys. As a bonus we also have the American photographer Phil America, who did a special photo essay for incognito. Summing it up, we think it would have been quite impossible to squeeze in more eye candy than this on these 48 pages and hope you will agree with that!

The MTN Diaries 2 – Hardcore 2012 [Part 1]

Finally here! The MTN Diaries 2 – (PART 1). More and more graffiti movies are getting released on the web now days. In this part you can follow writers painting trains and bombing the streets in cities like Paris, Malmö and Amsterdam. Check it out now!!

WOBHOE – The Lost MTN Tapes

The lost MTN tapes documenting graffiti train writing from Oslo, the snowy and cold capital of Norway. 14 minutes of action by Woble and Hoe mainly on the subway but also some commuters. Also make sure you don´t miss the interview with Hoe and Woble at

I’ve been to Copenhagen a couple of times, and it ended with two one-man wholecars and some panels; nothing special about that since the system over there is practically legal compared to Norway. I’ve just started to take interest in the European systems, so watch out Europe!!! / Hoe

Trailer, Wolume 1 – A Vandals Way Of Life

It seems like its a lot of graffiti movies coming out pretty soon. Here’s another one called Wolume 1 – A Vandals Way Of Life! The trailer is released today October 21st to honor the memory of our close friend and WOL crew mate Fredrik also known as ‘Asoc’ that tragically passed away in an accident while painting a panel on the Stockholm subway the same date two years ago. The full movie will be released in the end of 2012.