Guess – Creeping around on walls

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Creeping around on walls, doorways and service boxes in the city are Guess tags and stickers. Look around you. They’re there. They’ve been making their appearance for about two decades now. For some, graffiti is what they look for, for some it’s a nuisance and others never even knew it was there. But it is and there is a story behind it. There are zombies walking through the city everyday- people moving from point A to point B with no joy or reason other than that’s what they were told to do. For me, seeing stylish tags by someone who has been practicing their craft for years is another little reminder that we are here and alive and some of us are still motivated by things other than money.

Reebok Classic introduces Wane for the City Classics Collection

Wane_COD_Graffiti_NYC_2 Wane_COD_Graffiti_NYC_1Wane is a legendary figure in the NYC graffiti scene who is a natural story teller. Wane had hours of stories to tell about growing up and painting in the 80’s that covered all aspects of the graffiti, and wider hip-hop scene. Rumours, facts, dangers and style are all covered. Wane’s stories are presented as a series of spoken vignettes set against super-8 footage of Wane painting and moving through the modern city. Shooting the film on a small Super-8 camera allows to blend in with WANE as jumped on and off the tracks and moved through yards and in between trains during the shoot. The Super-8 provided a grainy film texture to the final piece that speaks to the era WANE brings to life in his words and the unique wild style that adorns his collaborative Classic Leather 30th Anniversary sneaker dedicated to the city of NYC.

Sheryo from Brooklyn New York – Interview

Sheryo_Interview_SprayDaily.com_Graffiti_1 Sheryo_Interview_SprayDaily.com_Graffiti_2Named by Complex Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Street Artists to Watch in 2013”, Sheryo is a Brooklyn based artist originally from Singapore. She has collaborated with fellow artist The Yok on various murals, having spent the last half of 2012 traveling and painting in different cities. We speak to her about her art and transatlantic travels.

FatCap : What inspired your move to Brooklyn ? How did you get started on painting walls all over New York ?
Sheryo : I met The Yok and he suggested I move to Brooklyn, I’d always wanted to live in New York so I just went for it. When I first got there no one knew my work, my first wall was at 5pointz thanks to Meres ! Lois from Streetartnyc saw me painting and took some pictures, and from there I started getting more and more walls.

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Porno 14 from Buenos Aires – Interview

porno_graffiti_mtn_buenosaires2Even if the graffiti scene in Buenos Aires is fairly young it has developed in a excitingly fast rhythm over the last years. The follow the western traditions by bombing streets and metros, but, with a quite different attitude.
They same way that European graffiti in its first years followed in the footsteps of the United States, Buenos Aires also has took the “old country” as an example to follow.
Who better than Porno14, one of the city’s most prolific bombers, to show us the context of the Buenos Aires graffiti scene from his point of view. And since we are with him we start out with getting to know him a bit better before we start this truly interesting travel though the history of Argentinian graffiti.

Can you remember the first time you saw graffiti?
A long time ago as a kid I remember going back home from school and I always passed by this newspaper stand which was closed down. On the shop there was a sign in white, a bit transparent, and you could see that it had been there for quite some time. I obviously didn’t understand then that this was a tag, and I thought of it as some kind of symbol or sign for something. I tried to decipher what it said.. I saw an R, some type of N, but I never got to know what it really said. This started my restlessness. Months later I managed to figure out what it said and see that it said RAS.

Why did you decide to start painting?
I didn’t really deice to start painting, I went a school with drawing classes and one thing led to the other, and one day I was sketching letters, without even thinking about it.

How do you define your way of creating graffiti?
I don’t know how to define it, free, a bit trashy, I never searched for any specific form in my pieces, I sincerely don’t know, but along the years I have had focus on more abstract designs. I always tried to see things in a quite different way. If for example we painted a spot were there wasn’t enough space for my letters I found a way to adapt my letters to the space given. If the spot had obstacles like doors or profundities, I had to find a way to make it come together and fit. Maybe a lot of people just don’t even try when they are confronted with such uncomfortable surfaces and spaces, but me it was always like a game within itself to be able to adapt.

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