A writer knows – Video

The Ironlak dream began in 2002, when a young graffiti writer from Sydney wanted to offer Australian writers a premium spraypaint brand at an affordable price. As the first Ironlak cans rolled onto shelves in 2004, the price of premium spraypaint was cut dramatically, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for Australian artists. Starting your own spraypaint brand from scratch comes with a (not so) healthy dose of landmines and headaches. The support we’ve received over the years from writers around the world is what drives us to keep pursuing this crazy dream. The original spirit of graffiti lives on. Know who you’re supporting.

Team Destructo Resistencia video, Mexico City 2013

Another video from Team Destructo (Ersk, Duckse, Risa, Sis, Stunt) the Mexican graffiti crew that focuses exclusively on Mexico City subway. Their paintings often has a political message, like the end to end in this video that says “Resistencia” (Resistance) which is a movement inspired by the Anonymous group.

If you would like to see more graffiti videos check out the, we will release new clips on a regular basis and also gather the best graffiti and street art videos in playlists.

EINE – Tenderloin A-Z

A Nelly Duff production featuring Ben EINE, one of the most iconic street-artists in the world. Internationally regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of the graffiti letterform. This film showcases Eine’s new Tednderloin A-Z and launch of ‘The World Atlas of Street Art & Graffiti’ by Dr.Rafael Schacter, co-curator of the Tate Modern’s renowned ‘Street Art’ exhibition. EINE is featured in this new ‘Atlas’ from Aurum Press that documents Street Art Worldwide.
Nelly Duff works with artists at the forefront of the Street, Tattoo and Graphic art world, with a regular show programme exhibiting across east London from their base in Columbia Road, London. Nelly Duff champions the development of hand-made editions; supporting traditional craft and age-old techniques. Nelly Duff & Eine currently hold the World Record for the most expansive use of colours over one artwork edition.
In 2010 Eine’s artwork was gifted to President Obama by the UK Prime Minister and his work is held in permanent Museum & private collections worldwide. Nelly Duff is now releasing the EINE ‘Tenderloin A-Z’ 52 colour screen-print edition.