Train Track Memories – video preview

Train Track Memories is a book about train writing in Stockholm, presenting exclusive pictures from 2012 and all the way back to the groovy mid-eighties.
The idea to write your name on a train and watch it roll through the city, first became popular in New York in the early seventies. The phenomenon appeared in Stockholm about fifteen years later, since then the city’s subway and commuter trains have been painted frequently. But one important thing has changed since the mid-eighties — train writing today attracts little attention. Once painted trains could roll throughout the city for months, now they are generally taken out of service immediately. The paintings are removed before hardly anyone other than their originators and a couple of rail workers have seen them. What was once a public art form available for everyone to see, has become a private game only accessible to the players. This collection of private pictures and personal memories from some of the most prolific writers in the history of Stockholm is an attempt to yet again make train writing visible to the general public. The book features writers like Akay, Ape, Beges, Detch, Erir, Healr, Hnr, Kaos, Ribe, Rilo, Skil, Termit, Terror, Triss & Weston.

ISBN: 978-91-980115-2-4
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“Alter ego makes a self portrait” – Potiks, 2013

_DSC0289Potiks started writing graffiti back in 1997 in Radom, Poland. Over time and during his art education he started to  to describe the graffiti world with texts, photography and other mediums of contemporary art. His project “Alter ego makes a self portrait” shows both documentary and studio scenes. All works examines the double life of the graffiti writer. In the society and beyond. Sensitive and brutal. Real and mythologized. It’s asking the question who is stronger, ego or alter ego?

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R.I.P Sydhavnen Hall Of Fame

rip-sydhavnenYesterday, November 11th 2013, marked the day where heavy machinery started working on demolishing the Sydhavnen Hall Of Fame in Copenhagen. The spot have been a tolerated, not legal, hall of fame since the year 2000 and after 50.000+ masterpieces its time to redevelop the area like the rest of the Copenhagen harbour and turn it into expensive new apartments made of glass and steel. Source: