Sawe – Barcelona

Sawe_MTN_SpratDaily_01A Catalan writer, born in Barcelona, his studies began in the field of illustration and, nowadays, he dedicates himself professionally to the field. In 2001 he began working with the spray can, and he hasn’t stopped since; a new universe of plastic exploration opened up in front of him. The result of his work is a mutation of various influences, in which he combines the most basic routes of graffiti with other influences, such as American comics from the ’50s, or protagonist characters from ad campaigns. What he takes samples of, Sawe absorbs, transforms, adapts, and manages to surprise with. He has his own personal style, forged out of hours and hours in front of a blank wall, and his own imagination. For more pictures follow his blog over at MTN.

Hello My Name Is: Alone [RT, INS, BH’s]

HMNI_Insta-PUFF_Alone-01Name: Alone
Crew: RT, BH’s, INS (insane)
City/Country: Europe is the place.

When did you start writing: ’96 / ’97
What’s graffiti for you: Life, fun, troubles, culture, friends.
Influences: I’ve been strongly influenced by all the people and all the friends that I’ve painted with and by all the pioneers of the movement. Americans and Europeans both through the different eras.
Quantity vs quality: Quantity is fundamental but without quality I personally don’t consider it proper Graffiti.
What keeps you still writing: Competition with other handstyles and the endless war against the repression of Graffiti by the system.
Future plans: Smash more!

Instagram: @alone_rt_insane