Horfe & Ken Sortais – Hessen prison Frankfurt, Germany

Horfe_Ken-Sortais_Graffiti_Prisson_1 Horfe_Ken-Sortais_Graffiti_Prisson_2

Paint on a symbol of non-freedom, screaming and kicking in the main building during the whole painting. No beach or sun represented but 60 meters nightmare felt and transcribed in a state prison in Frankfurt. Interisting paradox since, obviously subersiv paint (wich we sign up for) can result in a prison sentence. A four hands fresco, aiming for a creation/design challenge that looks like a tortured’ medley. Composing by destroying the image of the other, organizing a rythm in a clear formal disorder, all in a landscape of triple sealed’ locks with barbed wire silhouette’ war between the outside and inside.
Rockenberg, Hessen prison Frankfurt, Germany
Found over at Horfe’s site




The second episode of Hardcore On Tour is finally here. In the first episode we came along with Hinch and his friends on a trip through different cities in Europe to finally land in Hamburg where the climate started to get more and more grim. Now our main characters continues their journey towards the north:CopenhagenMalmö and Stockholm. Despite the terrible cold around them, which is one of the main handicaps for painting in these countries, these fearless writers manages to leave their traces on the nordic train models, leaving us with panels on the Stockholm metro as icing on the cake.