Stylefile Marker 24-Set Main A


The Stylefile Classic Marker 24-set Main A is a great combination of 24 graphic/design markers from Stylefile, a perfect start on your marker collection! The Stylefile Marker is equipped with a fine-liner tip and a chisel-tip on the other end.

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The Stylefile Classic Marker is a extremely popular alcohol-based marker thats getting used for tattoos, comics, graffiti, illustration, architecture and much more. The markers are produced in Asia and designed and developed in Europe, which gives it a fair price. The strong bullet-tip is great for details and the broad chisel-tip is perfect for filling in larger areas in your illustrations. Complement your set by buying single Stylefile Marker Classic.

Included in the set:
900 black
ng0 neutral grey 0
ng1 neutral grey 1
ng2 neutral grey 2
ng3 neutral grey 3
ng4 neutral grey 4
ng5 neutral grey 5
ng6 neutral grey 6
ng7 neutral grey 7
ng8 neutral grey 8
ng9 neutral grey 9
118 Yellow ochre
164 Lemon yellow
172 Marigold
216 Orange
354 Vivid red
362 Carmine
460 Azales purple
466 Deep violet
518 Cerulean blue
552 Cobalt blue
644 Viridian
652 Vivid green
816 Natural oak

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