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For more then 15 years we have been releasing different graffiti publications including books, magazines and DVD:s and about six month ago we started Spraydaily.com. PHOTOGRAPHY by Spray Daily is our first printed publication under our new name and the zine is exclusively available through our site. In this first zine we’re exploring the growing interest for documentary photography catching the atmosphere and action of illegal graffiti. Five different photographers from five different parts of the world. The zine features Alex Fakso (Italy), Nic Gossage (Australia), Leo Raztafold (Sweden), ShootYourStyle (Russia) and Nils Müller (Germany). Included with the zine there is five postcards, one from each photographer.

>> ONLINE STORE – Buy your copy of the zine here! <<

PHOTOGRAPHY by Spray Daily is printed in a limited edition of 150 copies and exclusively available through our online store. 10 EUR for a package – FREE shipping world-wide.

1 Fanzine, 28 pages A5
5 Postcards in A6-format
Free stickers
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