OG23 & Skary ‘Pieces of Mind’

As is tradition with the Seasons of Changes shows, the outside wall (of Revolver Upstairs) must be repainted by the artists featured. For the Winter edition of the exhibition, Arty Graffarti was lucky enough to be on hand to film the duo painting the wall and here is the end result.

Rain, scheduling, lack of paint, rain, wind and time was just a fraction of what slowed this production down, but the team got it together and belted out this great join up, from one end of the platform to the next. This isn’t the first time OG23 and Skary have gotten together on one space, with the end result showing. Surveying eyes, maracas, double denim, leopard prints, colour, along with arrows pointing in every direction, it’s all in there, as the Fly Crew members showcase their signature letterforms.

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