Nemco – You must burn to shine


Since arriving on our East Coast in late 2014, this one-of-kind artist, has spread his wings across a number of walls and gallery spaces, all the while finally creating a pretty extensive Instagram account (after OG23 finally gave him one of those smart phones everyone is raving on about) to help keep track of it all.

While Melbourne’s street art and graffiti culture is fortunate enough to have international guests on a monthly basis, this active Italian, has separated himself from the rest by presenting his unique blend of graffiti infused art to the admiration of those who participate and those who simply observe, a rare occurrence. While fusion may be considered an ugly word in some creative cultures, there are few better words to describe Nemco’s visual prowess, with this: the massive You Must Burn To Shine piece being an absolute example.

Stretched across a massive 20+ meter space, this could very well be Melbourne’s largest piece of public art. And while Melbourne has a tendency to acknowledge the finer points of Melbourne’s some-what stale street art scene, You Must Burn To Shine displays a style of work which highlights the strengths both graffiti and street art have to offer to the public space. I can only imagine the multitude of reactions this mammoth piece has garnered as people, from all across Melbourne, pass it on their daily commutes. Its bold lines, fiery background and glorious smaller details make it a piece that can be appreciated for both a short and extended period viewing time. But more than anything, it’s been refreshing to see a piece (of this size) by an artist who isn’t concerned by the visual trends presented throughout this cities many paint covered walls, it is a piece completely of its own. Original post you find here:

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