Most [JBCB] – Hip To Be Square

Since the 90’s the German artist Most is hitting the graffiti scene. Because of his typographic marks in form of tags, throw up’s and pieces on walls and trains in multiple international cities, he gained a lot of attention and respect. Most belongs to the first generation of style writer’s and is an exemplar for the young generation. The conscious step of taking his art into the gallery is a new, exciting challenge for him.

The artist is pushing the boundaries of the traditional graffiti and typography, even he is using their classical tools. He is not interested in copying his urban artworks, nevertheless he aims to stay true to his idea of graffiti writing – his roots – and avoids to drift of into the illustrative/ figurative art. The versatile handling and dissolution of his letters goes along with the artistic process he passed through the last decades. Questions like „Who is Most?“ or „What is Most?“ have always been in his mind and led his urban and materialistic art to new ways as far as to the fusion of graffiti and exhibition product.

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