Molotow Train – Fork

A few weeks ago hungarian Art Director and Graffiti artist Fork4 of AFX Crew from Budapest visited our headquarters. If you are a follower of our online blog, Fork4 is for sure someone you have heard of. We do support him for some time now, not only because of his vibrant colorful wall productions popping up regulary. Influenced by graffiti and visualization his work ranges from photorealistic pieces to the classic graffiti. For the Molotow Train Fork4 prepared a nice sketch to realize with the Molotow Covers All 400ml Range including all 49 available colors (2016). Due to pure pigments, this paint achieves an extra deep color brilliance, that´s why he decided to paint the Train with this product only. The result you can see in the video and the photos: a beautiful and colorful wholecar!

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