Meal&Steel The Book (Video Preview)

Smirk & Yusuf embarked on a long journey across Europe with the goal in mind to introduce you to the culinary highlights of various regions in the most artistic way possible. Through their travels they have gotten to know and appreciate the native cuisines of over 10 countries. Now they present to you in this beautifully crafted book a fine selection of the favorites. You have been invited to come on a journey and look into the cooking pots and train stations of the respective countries.

Despite all the endless opportunities, they have tried to offer you a balanced selection of modern, but also traditional dishes. On the rich menu you will find both uncomplicated classics and innovative new dishes. Always with the main focus that all recipes are easy to cook and extraordinarily tasty. On 200 pages you will be offered more than 100 recipes, so you surely find your new favorite dish and learn some culinary history of the region!

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