La vida de un artista “KAREN”

On this occasion “the people have spoken” and as many were waiting for this episode could not have another name: Karen

We had long been behind Karen with the intention of being able to introduce you and let you know more about her work and career. A video that is a recognition, more than deserved, for all his years of perseverance and unconditional dedication to graffiti. To speak of Karen is to speak of a part of the history of graffiti in Spain and especially in Madrid. City, which since the early 90’s has been painting without rest until today. Since his beginnings in the Vallecas (Portazgo), Karen has always represented her neighborhood. And in one way or another has always remained present in his character and his career as a writer. Who has not eaten a piece of it on any road in Madrid or surroundings? or who has not seen a wall, parasoids or medians with his name? From the classic pieces with the filling colors of the Republican flag, passing phrases such as “working class” to blanks in the most inhospitable places on the peninsula where you ask yourself, what the hell is this man doing here? They have made Karen earn a place in the subconscious of all graffiti writers.

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