Iso25600 – Interview


-Could you please give us a brief introduction to who you are and what you do?
I am an ambitious writer from cologne, germany, who exchanged more frequently the can against the camera.

-Describe a typical day of yours that’s devoted to photography?
First of all, I need a lot of sleep. The following are the necessary preparations, such as charging the batteries or empty memory cards. Nothing is more worse than a dead battery or a full card! When I meet with the people I photograph, the usual phrase comes from me: Hide your faces as much as possible! Censored faces destroy the overall look and take negative influence on mood of the photo. But sometimes it is necessary to obscure eyes or other parts of the faces to preserve the anonymity of the artists.

-What makes you interested in documenting graffiti?
Graffiti writers are pretty strange characters. And I like interesting people. To accompany people with the camera, which passionately pursue their hobby, is incredibly exciting! This applies to all multifaceted of passion in life. If I had more contact with other extreme athletes, I would photograph them too. Risking his health and his social and financial status to spray paint on trains or something similar crazy, is still a mystery to me. From a biological point of view it makes no sense. But nevertheless, there are these people who risk everything and find fulfilment in this activity. The motives are different for everyone. This fascinates me!


-Are you taking pictures of other stuff to, any other projects?
Yes, I do. Documentary photography covers a wide spectrum. Issues such as social inequality, poverty and individual tragedies are topics that I am trying to document. I do not want to explain in detail, because I find myself with the graffiti thing in an illegal scene. Graffiti photography is a separate topic that should have no connection to other things.

-What are you looking for in your pictures?
I am trying to counteract the apparent futility of our actions. Outsiders can not understand the motivation. Photography can be an attempt to change this understanding. Moreover I love the aesthetics of a good picture. Every graffiti artist loves these kind of action photos or portraits. Especially if you are the subject of the photo.

-What do you think is the most important things in a great photograph?
As a writer you get for a brief moment this special feeling while you look at a picture, that shows a scene you have experienced yourself. This feeling is a very important memory. At the end, a train-writer has nothing but his photo album. A good photo gives you the feeling you had when it was taken. To have good memories of your very own good time in life is the most important thing you can have as an old man. What else makes a life meaningful, if not beautiful moments?
For more photos from Iso25600, go visit his tumblr

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