Hosh – Expo La Maison Ibiza

Hosh is one of those graffiti writers than seamlessly and naturally manages the transition from the wall to the canvas. His simple and effective visual language has been an indispensable element in the composition of his work, where the contrast and the color of his characters and letters make up his principal identity signature. After various expositions in his native Ibiza (2005-06), Montana Shop and Gallery Barcelona (2007), and in the Biondetta Art Gallery in Madrid (“Tv or Not Tv”, 2008 and “Sólo los fuertes”, 2010), his ironic and fun discourse hasn’t lost a shred of strength. Maintaining the aesthetic structure and qualities of the advertising formats which have dominated this century of capitalist society, he manages to portray different messages which induce a smile and, immediately after, a state of reflection.

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