Hello My Name Is: Ques


Name: Fixe A.K.A Ques
Crew: VRS
City/Country: Guadalajara Mexico
When did you start writing: 1998

What’s graffiti for you?
Attitude and of course style!! For me it´s a lifestyle.

Graphic design and all about the 80´s (movies, art, hip hop and design).

Tell us about your city, how is life and graffiti there?
Guadalajara is one of the main cities in my country, it´s a big city with a population around 8,000,000 people. The scene is powerful and have a lot of competition but it´s still growing, the weather is incredible! You can paint all the year, there are lot of walls to paint and we have cheap spray paint.

What keeps you still writing?
Seeing my work everywhere, take my pieces to the next level and think that one day I will travel painting around the world. What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track? When i was 13, I saw different signs made using spray paint and markers around my neighborhood, that made me put my eyes on it, I tried to figure out what it meant, then I realized that I wanted to do graffiti and spray my name everywhere with different types and styles.

What trends are you seeing now in the graffiti world that you don’t like?
I am seeing that many art students are using spray cans to paint big formats that they don’t used to do before, they call themselves urban artists or graffiti writers only because they use spray cans, now everything that is done with spray cans is called graffiti but that´s not the case. I´m tired of seeing over the big walls those birds, threes, portraits and happy landscapes.

What do you do when you’re not painting?
Unfortunately in my city and my country is impossible to live being a writer, so i have to work as a graphic designer. Right now I have a graffiti store (HOOK & LOOP) I spend my time between the store and my family (my wife and my beautiful baby).

How would you describe your style?
Every time i start to create new idea, I always try to use the best of both worId, Graphic design and graffiti.

Future plans?
Do it bigger and better. Do you adapt your pieces and tags to the spot/surface? I´m not used to do sketches, I tend to improvise, but all depends on the spot, the size, the format, etc.

What do you think about the new generation of writers in your city?
There are a lot of new writers, but a few with a true love for graffiti, they paint 2 years and they disappear like Houdini. What are the best and worst aspects of graffiti? The best is to see your shit in a wall, and the worst is to buy paint.

What writers have inspired you?
I was born in the 80’s so I grew up in the 90’s seeing the New York School like FX crew, Tats Crew, the European guys like Daim, Loomit, Daré, 123klan, then a lot of writers has inspired me to stay in the game!!

Instagram: Instagram.com/fixeuno

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