Hello My Name Is: Fritz

Name: Fritz
Crew: BakedNotFried, P$..13
City/Country: Australia

When did you start writing?
Started doing more than vandalism around 2001-02 i think.

What’s graffiti for you?
An obsession that took over my life from being crazy kids. It kept me from going down certain pathways.. Although how can you tell? A perfect reason for traveling. A release. An excuse.

Older Australian graffiti.. Sydney, not much compares but Melbourne. Crew.

Tell us about your city, how is life and graffiti there?
I’ve moved around so much I would call a few places home.. But in Australia everyones always pushing the boundaries constantly so it’s full time to keep up. In Melbourne anyway theres plenty of options whether it be drains, trains or streets.. Can never be too bored! Easy to chill too though..

What keeps you still writing?
In a way for me, it’s a form of meditation I guess.. I try and justify it as keeping me sane. Not only do I really enjoy painting solo but it’s great just browing and getting social.. Keep a kid busy!

What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track?
Skateboarding back in the day it seems it came naturally being fascinated by graffiti as kids around us. We never understood how people could do those chisel tags until a day journey into the city, a graff store owner asked what kind of cans we used and showed us how to turn the red fan on the nib. It blew our minds! We still couldn’t justify paying $8 for a can though haha. Growing up in a small town we were out of ideas.

What trends are you seeing now in the graffiti world that you don’t like?
I try not to look at it too negatively.. Old Bitter Bob over here haha theres nothing you can do about em’ but it’s almost too different and difficult to say.

What do you do when you’re not painting?
I can’t sit still. Always have to be doing something, whether it’s drawing, taking pictures, chilling with matey’s or just general day to day cruising. Somehow always have appointments!

How would you describe your style?
I’ve never really looked at my style from another’s point of view.. I don’t judge too much, but flowing? Beena.

Can you remember the first piece you did?
I remember a couple of us.. We were sick of getting a few cans each time so we terrorised our local discount store again filling a duffle bag of Australian exports. Vaguely gloss red being a highlight. Some time after working out the fire escape had no alarm, they discontinued stocking them. We might have even gotten busted for the piece that day haha I don’t remember too well. From memory we ended up sponsored by dulux, killrust, anchor, and aus export not long after.

Future plans?
Keep inhaling them paint fumes!

Do you adapt your pieces and tags to the spot/surface?
It’s natural usually.. Surfaces with objects to fill over / around are the best! Anything on bogies or wheels is the favourite.

What do you do when you’re not painting?
Sweating ideas haha (miccy)

What do you think about the new generation of writers in your city?
I always say I try not too much judge really.. They seem friendly.

What are the best and worst aspects of graffiti?
Making damage! Talking about Metro’s..

Who do you paint for?
It’s nice to leave a mark behind.

What writers have inspired you?
Older aussie writers have never ceased to amaze me.

Can you ever feel tired of graffiti?
Of course! Questioning your life, sitting in mosquito infested traps with your freedom on the line. Until you wake up the next day!

What do you hope people will think and feel when they see your stuff?
Keep the minds open..

Spray Paint: Killrust Gloss Red, Kormebrite Liquid Chrome, MTN
City: Bangkok
Markers/pens: Kiwi Shoe Polish, Mitsubishi chrome paint marker
Surface: Raw brick
Cap: New York fat

Instagram: @Bohemian.ritz

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