Hello My Name Is: Soap


Name: Soap the Wizard
Crew: KDK, HV, MG, 2AM, CCY
City/Country: Bari/Italy

When did you start writing: 1994/5

What’s graffiti for you: for me is give off the energy contained in the body and make her squirt out into the universe’s cosmic “Jidderia”: where there is no past and future is all about balance, where there is no need to talk to understand each other but just see and feel the energy that emanates.

Influences: I find my inspirations in flea market warehouses, in old advertisement, in sign painters, in 70’s psychedelia, in children books, on dusty vinyl covers: their immediate communication skills and spontaneity, similar to a child’s, conducts me into fabulous worlds.

Quantity vs quality: Quantity with quality

Future plans: Produce a limited edition zine with jidder books & zines. Continue to contribute my energy with the cosmic universe of jidderia.

Website: www.walktway.tumblr.com

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