Hello My Name Is: Dmote


Name: Dmote a.k.a Syd Steelo 
Crew: PS 
City / Country: Living in New York, USA 
When did you start writing: 1985 

What’s graffiti for you: I love the act of spraying, that feeling. I’m forever trying to make something cool/something that I’m happy with. Chasing that to me is the never ending drive that keeps me going, and at this point free-styling pieces is the key to eliminate the static caused by a piece of paper between you and the wall is important to gain maximum flow. 

Influences: Thats forever changing but i talk to a few like minded people that make you realise your on the right path. Exchanging ideas, history and feedback is growing us all. I’m also aware of the young writers from all over, these are the dudes that are making most of the new moves, ideas and keeping this interesting. I see a lot of older writers that just don’t see or get that, I think that inhibits them and keeps their style in the past. 

Quantity vs quality: A combo of both is the pinnacle but I’m definitely trying to make quality and make everything I do count, from tags to burners everything matters. 

What keeps you still writing: Competition and that I still love the art form and energy of making graffiti. 

Future plans: Living each day as it comes right now, wanna make more of a solid body of work in my studio and stay painting graffiti.

Website: dmote.net and dmote1.wordpress.com 

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