Hello My Name Is: Click [B&H, TBS]


Name: Click AKA LuckyLucius
Crew: TBS B&H and proudly part of the collectives NAPKIDS-CZTN-SDAgang
City/Country: Some where between Milan and Varese, Italy

When did you start writing? Late 90’s/early 2000 I really have huge memory problems! But….
I was 14 more or less and every morning I used to walk from the station to school through the hall of fame of the crew SIC and THP (of course my favourite international crew of that period) and from my classroom and my grandfather’s balcony I used to watch pannels in traffic of crews like CKC, VDS, VMD70’S, FIA, SIC and THP and all those writers like Rax-e, Bean, Spice, Robin, Mind, Dumbo, Panda and other writers from all over that come to paint the line.. A couple of years later a lot of stuff of the crews FUXIAS, INSANE, ADM and many others in running really influenced my taste. I was lucky, because that was the best time for Milan graffiti and for the legendary FNM, Train line. You really need to watch the video ‘Nero Inferno’ to understand what I am talkin about: Nero Inferno

How would you describe the graffiti scene and the climate in your country/City? Italia and Milan are full of talented guys and of wack pieces at the same time. There are so many writers, maybe because painting here used to be a little easier then the other European countries that I know. In my opinion the city of Milan was better about 5-6 years ago, with crazy handstyles, throwies and tags everywhere. I got to say though, that there are still some champions around. Foggy in winter, hot and humid in summer.

What is graffiti for you? Something natural, that I have always done, even when I was not painting like crazy I never quit sketching, tagging and looking at graffiti around me, It is the only thing that has been constant in my life. Unluckely, I have never been the best in school or at work and i don’t even like football. I just love to write my name the best way I can.

What do you do when you’re not painting? I love to pass my “not painting time” with my girl and partying, drinking and getting wasted with her and my crew. Oh yeah I work too. (Fuck That).

How would you describe your style? I’m not an inventor or a trendsetter and I can’t do puppets, ahahaha. I would say my style is simple, basic, and readable. I always try to put something in it (some tricks or loops or connections) that makes the piece look like it’s mine.

Influences? The New York pioneers from the ’70’s and ’80’s of course, and New York graffiti bombers like Skuf1 YKK, R.I.S crew or IRAK for example. I Really love the European scene, from the North European handstyles, passin by some Parisian bombers. I must say though, that most of my influence comes from my crew and the friends that I usually paint with.

What keeps you still writing? The constant evolution of style i’ve seen in the last 10/15 years. The younger writers and the competition I feel every time I go paint. The real question should be: ‘What’s gonna stop me.

Future plans? There are still a lot of pieces to do, a lot of cities to paint with my crew and my girl (puna). Work less and paint more- Maybe a fanzine.

Shout outs: My girlfriend Puna, for being with me every fucking day, Every single element of my crew B&H, and TBS. Aoner for teaching me everything ,when I was writing without even knowing what I was doing. My boy, lacost IVC-SST, my brother Tapes from Florence, 10foot from London. AY Crew from Trieste , all my friend from the crews ADM, MLS, FUXIA, Shone, Gordie, the 152 Boys, mosone, Pera RFC. My mom and my dad for never supporting me

Tumblr: Click-head.tumblr.com

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