Hardcore Skills: Sawe

Sawe is a name very familiar to spray paint manufacturer Montana Colors, but it’s always worth checking in with him since his style evolves at such a considerable rate. His dedication to his work, both on the street and in the studio, has been consistent since he started painting 20 years ago, taking him through different stylistic terrains. Finally, a video reveals what Sawe’s pieces and photographs only allow us to imagine.

What makes Sawe’s creations stand out is not only the result, but also the process. After guiding us through his entire career, the artist helps us understand the current point of his graffiti, opening our horizons to different aesthetics and tools like the controversial Pocket Cap. In a single piece, we can see his versatility through three different graffiti styles, with Montana Hardcore the perfect tool for an expression of avant-garde graffiti.

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