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BC Gallery – ‘The Wall’ by Da Mental Vaporz

We already knew that when Da Mental Vaporz begins a project they put all effort possible into it. The exhibition “The Wall” which the crew now has presented at the BC Gallery in Berlin is not an exception to this fact, and far from it. A sensational video with a extensive collection of pictures covers this tremendous work of the DVM collective: The enormous mural as a live-show and the opening of the show which focuses on the their quite interesting installations and presented works. For all those who are in Berlin at the moment, remember that the expo will remain open until the 31st of May.

Graffiti Video – Talented Vandalz Vol 1

After working on a few different short artist spotlights our team decided to put together Talented Vandalz Volume 1, a longer length video documenting the process, techniques and stragedy of multiple graffiti artists. In this volume we Filmed Versuz Kog Lts, Buges Bamc, Klozer Lmk, Demos Nwk Kog, TDB crew, Scom rk, Eyos Crew, & an Interview with Los Angeles based photographer Utapout. Special thanks to All the artist in the video, Alison Casey, Fuer, Bolla, & Omae.

Graffiti video: Hello from Bangkok – DUA Boys

This chapter shows our trip to Bangkok. Our original plan was to spend a some days in Bangkok and move on, but we had such a good time we cancelled our onwards tickets and just stayed in Bangkok. We spend most of our time exploring the area along the tracks in Bangkok. One of the things I find really fascinating is how full of life the trackside areas are in big asian cities like Bangkok. People eat, sleep and live only meters away from the trains. Children play on the tracks. Men raise roosters for fighting along the tracks and spend hours every day training them. We spend a couple of weeks chilling with the locals, watching rooster fighting, drinking Thai whiskey and of course painting some nice walls along the tracks.

Converse Wall to Wall – Atlanta, Georgia

Grafitti Artist and Muralist Sever is a staple of the Atlanta artistic community — whose works can be seen all over the world, and most famously in his hometown. His bold lettering and palette are a staple in downtown in Atlanta, and as part of the Wall to Wall series, he contributed a piece on the corner of Euclid and Colquitt in Little Five points that needs to be seen to be believed.