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Graffiti Goes East – Polish graffiti book


“Graffiti Goes East” is a 656 pages book about the history of graffiti culture in Poland and it’s famous, but now gone, orange trains. It contains profiles of 17 Polish cities, including the most influential scenes of Warsaw, Gdansk, Szczecin and Wroclaw. More than hundred of Polish writers are heard remembering the good old and present days. The book includes contributions of European personalities, who have been visiting Poland since the mid 90-ties, such as Kobolt, Steak, Honet, Opak, Buni, Vino, Kripoe, Cakes, Philly, Cept and others. Buy it over here: Concrete or Not 4 Toys


Below the alias of PW13 he presents the 10th episode of our second season of VERSUS. The PW, WCA and FTW member from Brussels has chosen the Hardcore 2 ‘Malva’ to cover parts of the mythic Belgian maroon colored trains. A fast and disturbing type of video, same as its main character. Found over here