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Release of 4608 Magazine #01


Tomorrow 4608 will release their first issue of the 4608 magazine. As the concept is to make a magazine as a replica of a swedish police report they have interrogated two Stockholm based vandals heavy on their train game and one well travelled vandal from Spain who talks about being perhaps the first ever to do the Beijing subway. The release is at Beijing8, Hornstull, June 18th, 19:00.

BRUS – Versus Pangea Brown

This last episode of our VERSUS project is like taken from a dream. Our favorite Roman writer, Brus, gets involved with Pangea Brown (Marrón Pangea) from our HARDCORE 2’s with his unmatchable wildstyle. Bricks and metal is the SDT and MOAS member’s choice of canvases. This guy really puts his foot down…

Trailer – Stations of the Elevated

The first ever filmed document of graffiti, Manfred Kirchheimer’s richly chromatic 16mm tone poem sets images of the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn to a soundtrack that interweaves ambient city noises with the gutbucket gospel sound of jazz titan Charles Mingus. Long regarded by cinephiles and hip-hop heads as an obscure cult masterpiece since it premiered at the 1981 New York Film Festival, Stations of the Elevated is a celebration of a quintessentially urban art form—at a time when it was largely dismissed as vandalism. With lyrical shots of tagged trains, desolate rail yards, and other details of the urban landscape, it remains a priceless portrait of a bygone era of New York City culture. World premiere of a new restoration. An Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy release.
The first screening: Friday, June 27. BAM Harvey Theater, 651 Fulton St Brooklyn, NYC.