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Gerard Fournier – Bello Gesto

The photographer Gerard Fournier, continuing with the promotion of the ‘Book + DVD – Bello Gesto‘, has released a new video. This time we are surprised with aerial images of actions on trains in countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark… recorded with a drone. You can follow the latest news from the ‘Book + DVD – Bello Gesture‘ on their official Facebook page.

Hello My Name Is: Rasko


Name: Rasko
City / Country: Moscow, Russia

When did you start writing: In the last millennium.
What’s graffiti for you: Dope letter style.
Influences: Cool 3d writers, I think
Quantity vs quality: Quality + Quantity =)
What keeps you still writing: I have nothing else to do =)
Future plans: I have no plans, I’m just writing and spending my life.

Instagram: @Rasko1

Bcn Zniart book 272 pages of painted Cercanias trains


A piece of Spanish history. A 272 pages book collects photos from 1987 when the first “Cercanias” trains were painted, until 2013. Mainly focused on the images of pieces and pointing key points that will help us understand every age through the most important events that have occurred around the photos. By gathering the material chronologically you are able to see the evolution and most significant changes of this as fascinate as polemic discipline. Available late December 2013 in a limited edition of 500 numbered books. Texts in Spanish and English. More than 1.500 photos. More than 100 contributors. Published independently and free from sponsors. More info here.