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Train Track Memories – video preview

Train Track Memories is a book about train writing in Stockholm, presenting exclusive pictures from 2012 and all the way back to the groovy mid-eighties.
The idea to write your name on a train and watch it roll through the city, first became popular in New York in the early seventies. The phenomenon appeared in Stockholm about fifteen years later, since then the city’s subway and commuter trains have been painted frequently. But one important thing has changed since the mid-eighties — train writing today attracts little attention. Once painted trains could roll throughout the city for months, now they are generally taken out of service immediately. The paintings are removed before hardly anyone other than their originators and a couple of rail workers have seen them. What was once a public art form available for everyone to see, has become a private game only accessible to the players. This collection of private pictures and personal memories from some of the most prolific writers in the history of Stockholm is an attempt to yet again make train writing visible to the general public. The book features writers like Akay, Ape, Beges, Detch, Erir, Healr, Hnr, Kaos, Ribe, Rilo, Skil, Termit, Terror, Triss & Weston.

ISBN: 978-91-980115-2-4
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Rocky – ‘Contos de Brasil’

Many years has passed by since Barcelona’s writer Rocky discovered Brazil for the first time. Capoeira which is one of his greatest passions in life, was the main reason for him to convert this enormous country into his second home. As he puts it himself, “wherever I go I bring with me who I am, and I am graffiti”, and Brazil has also been the second playground to develop him as a graffiti writer in his life.
‘Contos de Brasil’ is a short documentary which collects Rocky’s experiences in the main cities of the country during the years he has been going there. From the layups to the favelas, this writer from Barcelona has developed a european graffiti tradition in a society completely different from his natural habitat and brings us some really interesting adventures which makes us witness the most humane side of graffiti culture: An unforgettable experience where we also get to meet other writers like Biz, Moar, Vista and Beam.


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For more then 15 years we have been releasing different graffiti publications including books, magazines and DVD:s and about six month ago we started PHOTOGRAPHY by Spray Daily is our first printed publication under our new name and the zine is exclusively available through our site. In this first zine we’re exploring the growing interest for documentary photography catching the atmosphere and action of illegal graffiti. Five different photographers from five different parts of the world. The zine features Alex Fakso (Italy), Nic Gossage (Australia), Leo Raztafold (Sweden), ShootYourStyle (Russia) and Nils Müller (Germany). Included with the zine there is five postcards, one from each photographer.

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PHOTOGRAPHY by Spray Daily is printed in a limited edition of 150 copies and exclusively available through our online store. 10 EUR for a package – FREE shipping world-wide.

1 Fanzine, 28 pages A5
5 Postcards in A6-format
Free stickers
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Team Destructo Resistencia video, Mexico City 2013

Another video from Team Destructo (Ersk, Duckse, Risa, Sis, Stunt) the Mexican graffiti crew that focuses exclusively on Mexico City subway. Their paintings often has a political message, like the end to end in this video that says “Resistencia” (Resistance) which is a movement inspired by the Anonymous group.

If you would like to see more graffiti videos check out the, we will release new clips on a regular basis and also gather the best graffiti and street art videos in playlists.