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Rest in peace Fat Cap Magazine

Lots of people are talking about the death of the news paper but it seems like it’s not only the news press that is dying. A couple of weeks ago Bomber Megazine, one of the oldest European graffiti magazines went to the grave and now Fat Cap magazine from Norway declares it’s final destiny. Established in 1989 this should be one of the oldest graffiti magazne world wide I think. Before this we also seen classics like Xplicit Grafx, Graphotism and Garage magazine going to the grave.

The London underground – Poster


London’s underground railway, known as the London Underground, or the Tube, is a railway system that serves the city, both above and below ground. The system includes the world’s first underground railway, the Metropolitan Railway, and boats one of the most recognisable route maps in the world. There are two main sizes of underground train, with larger trains used for the older routes that are generally closer to the surface or above ground.
The trains used on each of the London Underground’s eleven tube lines are depicted in this limited edition print by South London Prints. The trains have been drawn roughly to scale (relative to each other), and the background colour of each section of the print indicate the particular line that the train is used on.
You can order the print in both A4 and A3 here

Women artists are gaining ground in the graffiti and street art scenes

Though graffiti and street art tend to be male-dominated art forms, a growing number of women are both embracing the medium and getting good attention. “There are a couple of women that have really made a name for themselves in this game,” says Jenni Button, director of the nonprofit Holiday Exploits in an interview with Jenni Button connects artists with humanitarian and social causes. and also curates gallery shows and street art projects in the Chicago area. talked to her about women’s place in the street scene and which female artists we should have on our radar. Read the full interview at