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Stohead, ‘Radicalligraphy’ (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany)

Ruttkowski68_Stohead_6Visit Ruttkowski 68 a contemporary art gallery in Cologne, Germany that now features Stohead! The exhibition is opened until september 15.
Stohead, has been in the game a long time. When he talks about the early days of his career as a graffiti artist, his narrative is dotted with historic moments that defined him, his works, and Germany’s graffiti culture. The 39-year-old artist, whose real name is Christoph Häßler, has influenced the evolution of German graffiti from a subculture associated with vandalism to a form of contemporary art gracing museums and private collections worldwide.
Stohead is best known for combining a graffiti-based style with classical calligraphy to produce letters that are at once figurative and abstract. Under intense physical duress, he paints letters in individual strokes, using broad-tipped, traditional round-tipped or homemade instruments to achieve an expressive work recounting both invisible and raw emotion. His approach – which is ruminant yet harsh, extensive and stringent – recalls a type of performance art. By all means, Stohead describes his style as contemporary calligraphy and terms it Radicalligraphy, a designation that explains both his method and his current solo show. Video made by: Filmbucht

“Wild Style” Director Takes on Street Photographer Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz, street photographer from Brooklyn New York has been documenting his neighborhood for 30 years. ANIMAL spoke to Charlie Ahearn about the documentary at his Tribeca studio. They also interviewed stalwart graffiti artist CHINO BYI to discuss his relationship to Shabazz’s photos, many of which speak personally to him, having grown up amongst many of the people–a motley crew of of b-boys, graffiti writers, and stick-up-kids–shot by the photographer. For more info about the screening of the documentary visit BAM

Blank Spot Project – Real streetart on canvas

The Blankspot Project is a charity street art campaign by denkwerk Berlin and Montana under the patronage of AtomOne. This videos shows the making of the Blankspot in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Bremen in Germany with AtomOne, Can2 and Taps. You can acquire the artworks during the Blankspot vernissage. The event will take place on 10th of October 2013, starting at 06.30 p.m at denkwerk Berlin.