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Peace and love in New York City

PAL_Will Robson-Scott_NYC_Graffiti_Paris_1 PAL_Will Robson-Scott_NYC_Graffiti_Paris_2 PAL_Will Robson-Scott_NYC_Graffiti_Paris_3Esteemed English photographer Will Robson-Scott has long documented the uncanny styles of Parisian graffiti writer Horfe. As their relationship has developed, so too has their individual artistic pursuits. With a penchant for graffiti that borders on the fantastical, the PAL Crew’s stylistic absurdity is only rivaled by their ubiquity in the European landscape. The two friends have maintained contact over the years, and were recently reunited in New York City when Peace and Love’s Horfe, Gorey, Cony, Tomek, Esso, Saeyo, Mosa and Skub made a trip stateside. Far away from their first auspicious meeting in the city of lights, Robson-Scott shot and spoke with Horfe and the rests of his pals.
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Damagers Berlin – DVD preview

damage_Berlin_Graffiti_Movie_2013_1 damage_Berlin_Graffiti_Movie_2013_2 damage_Berlin_Graffiti_Movie_2013_3This graffiti movie seems to be awesome! The end of 2013 another interesting DVD comes on trainwriting from the capital. The film ‘damagers’ promises a lot of atmosphere from the Berlin tunnel systems and 60 minutes running time (English and Spanish subtitles) with Akor, Abis, Azure, Blok, Buzz, Ham, motorcycle, Mack10, reaction, Shu, Sok, Shade, Six, Trus , Tin, Trik, Tron, Tour and Wine. The trailer follows in the next few weeks, some first preview pictures below.
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