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Molotow Transformer – Check

This time Madrid Writers brings you, a Madrid artist who has worked many disciplines. From design, illustration, lettering, etc. Today in search of his own calligraphy. Arab and Gothic influences for this artist away from direct message looking shapes and internal messages and elements that also inspires him in his work. Air, fire, water.

Tomek “Spontaneous 14” – 5 color screen print

drawaline-tomek-spontanious_Spraydaily_01Draw A Line in Berlin just made a new screen print together with Pablo Tomek! The young French artist comes from a background that many graffiti artists share. As a kid growing up in the western suburbs of Paris he saw the tags on the street and the bombing on the trucks and soon after put his name there too. Not so many years later, Tomek is internationally known for his extraordinary handstyle, his commitment to the graffiti culture and his part in the six-piece Parisian crew PAL (Peace And Love). In early 2014 he had his first show as an independent artist alongside Erosie at Galerie Celal in Paris and successfully sold everything. He’s a classic graffiti writer pulling a new-age perspective of fine art behind him and he’s going places with his work that we want to follow. Info: 5 color screen print, 300g Munken Premium Cream, Limited Edition of 3050 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.6 inches) Unframed, Signed and numbered by the artist