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Remio – RVCA

Remio is a bit of a mystery and he prefers it that way!
A prolific graffiti artist originally from Norway, he has found a way to make his mark in almost every country in the world. He is a member of the VTS Crew and comes to RVCA on strong commendations from RVCA friends Barry McGee and Os Gemeos. And like many talented artists who learn their craft at street level, Remio has started to make a successful entry into the gallery and museum world.

Hello My Name Is: Mudo [TXAI]


Name: Mudo
City/Country: São Paulo/SP

When did you start writing: 2009

What’s graffiti for you: It’s a way of expression that I most indentify myself, so strong that I have no words to explain.

Influences: Everything I see and listen, the feelings…. love and hate.

Quantity vs quality: The quantity nor the quality matters if you have respect with others, you will be respected back.

What keeps you still writing: The desire of overcome my limits.

Future plans: Live, travel, know people, paint and go to places I’ve never painted before.

Instagram: @_mudo

Molotow Train Contest Winner – Riot1394

In November 2013, we gave you the chance to convince us with your skills and your very own style. The first prize was an exclusive wholecar session at the Molotow HQ in Lahr. The chance to leave your mark on the Molotow train and become one of the next artists featured in our train hall of fame poster collection.
The winner of the contest: Riot1394 from Berlin. A little time ago he made it to our Headquarters to pick up the prize and paint the Molotow™ Train!