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PUBB CREW • BORN POOR – LIVIN’ UGLY, Opening party at HL Gallery

We went by HL Gallery for the opening of “Born Poor – Livin Ugly”, PUBB-crews first group show. After several years of painting in loosely put together constellations the PUBB-crew was formed back in 2001 by a bunch of friends with a similar view on the concept of ”style” in graffiti, but also through a shared interest in music, skateboarding and travelling.
The name Poor Ugly Bad Boys was chosen as a counterweight to the climate at the time, of graffiti-gangnames that was often based on how good or cool the writers were of the rapmusic that during that period was really focused on big gold chains, luxury yachts and half naked ladies.
PUBB and it’s members has delivered big, often elaborate pieces along the lines of the city for many years, constantly pushing the envelope for the term stylewriting in Sweden, but also abroad.
The exhibition runs for a month so if you are in Stockholm make sure to pass by. HL Gallery, St Eriksgatan 64.
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Gang graffiti has been found in the small village of Denmark

Skärmavbild 2013-08-17 kl. 12.59.36Denmark–Gang graffiti has been found in the small village of Denmark in Brown County.  Symbols and letters were spray painted on homes, cars and businesses. More than eight places have been vandalized so far.
One of the hardest hit areas was on the bridge that passes over South Wall Street. The purple and black graffiti found says “juggalo,” and Denmark Police say it could be gang related.
Denmark Police are installing cameras around town and pulling extra shifts, looking for anthing suspicious. If anyone has information regarding the vandalism, contact the Denmark Police Department.

Watch the video over here