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Hense – Madison Theater Building


Hense just returned from Detroit, Michigan after working on a big commissioned public project with Library Street Collective Gallery. Hense and his assistant painted a 100×100 foot wall in the heart of downtown Detroit on the side of Bedrock Real Estates Madison Theater Building. It’s over 6 stories tall. The project took almost 3 weeks of working and over 100 gallons of paint. Photographs by Sal Rodriguez

Graffiti Artists Take Back Entire Subway Car From Advertisers

“Advertisers have been stealing graffiti tactics for years,” says long-time graffiti writer 2ease. Ski adds, “We’re not allowed to paint trains anymore. Who knew that years later… fucking Target could have a full car?”
Ski is referring to the time when the MTA first let a brand wrap an ad entirely around a subway car in 2010. Now, it’s not uncommon to see them taken over by an ad campaign, inside and out. Animal followed the two graffiti artists as they hijacked a J train car at around 3AM, and replaced the ads with their own art in between the time it took to go from one stop to another.

“We’re not trying to sell you something. We’re trying to tell you something,” Ski says. The collaborative duo has made a shift from the streets to the gallery. Their new art exhibit opens tonight in SoHo and it’s all about “the notion that although one’s environment doesn’t change, the way one sees it and what we make of it does, through our experiences.”
If anything, the takeover was definitely cathartic in the face of the bombastic clutter of ever-present subway ads. As Ski says, “Dr Zizmor. Why is that nigga on the train for my whole life?” Some things never change.

Good Guy Boris returns from holidays

A month after his return from one summer being remanded in custody, Good Guy Boris, creator of The Grifters Journal and Brand is addressing the nation about his “Return from Holidays”. Boris is a satirical fictional character presenting an eastern european with strong accent and poor english language skills. His humoristic Borat rip-offs, comments and behaviour have been already violating the social and graffiti taboos for a few years.

Those who can read the message hidden beneath the mask of profanity can now decrypt the meaning of the words used for a slogan of his brand – Freedom is not defined by safety. In that following statement the journalist apologies for his absence and he shares with you his intentions of world domination. There will be no future statements about the investigation against The Grifters that is still running and no questions would be answered on that topic.