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Damagers – DVD Trailer

Trailer for Berlin Underground Subway Graffiti DVD “damagers” in FULL HD – Release Date: early December. A dark atmospheric film about the hard core of the Berlin Subway Train Writer elite. Featuring: Akor, Abis, Azur, Blok, Buzz, Ham, Motorcycle, Mack10, Reak, Shus, Sok, Shade, Six, Trus, Tin, Electrical, Tron Tour, Wine

Copenhagen Runners, October 2013 pt II

hm-fk-wholecars-graffiti-copenhagen-2013Here is an other round of panels and wholecars from the capital of Denmark. Most of the photos where sent to us by Jens-Peter Brask ( and a few is from our last visit in Copenhagen. Enjoy!

If you would like to send us reports from your city please contact us at we are looking for contributions from all over the world.

Rest in peace Fat Cap Magazine

Lots of people are talking about the death of the news paper but it seems like it’s not only the news press that is dying. A couple of weeks ago Bomber Megazine, one of the oldest European graffiti magazines went to the grave and now Fat Cap magazine from Norway declares it’s final destiny. Established in 1989 this should be one of the oldest graffiti magazne world wide I think. Before this we also seen classics like Xplicit Grafx, Graphotism and Garage magazine going to the grave.