Casual Conversation with Team Flight Mode

Flight Mode will release their fourth publication soon. Being even thicker than the previous volumes once more, they pursue to present their notion of international art on trains. Enough of a reason to invite them to briefly comment on some crucial subjects.

What is Flight Mode to you and what can we expect in the future?

Flight Mode is our outlet for an abstract feeling of wanderlust. Some people might know us from doing books, others maybe from instagram. However, our approach follows a holistic concept. We are not limited to any medium, neither virtual nor physical. We might even work on completely different projects in the future, like curating art shows or producing apparel.

Can you name any influences?

We draw influences from everywhere. Specifically speaking of Graffiti, Magazines such as Underground Productions and Xplicit Grafx are amongst our all-time favorites. When it comes to videos, Dirty Handz 3, Ten Minutes Issue 2, later on Wolume 2 and Lila had an impact on us. For sure there is a lot more dope stuff out there, but the publications mentioned here certainly are timeless classics!

What does the title „The Journey Home“ represent?

So far, every issue had its own moniker. From No.1 „Treasured Moments and Memorabilia“ and No.2 „Between Anticipation and Documentation“ to No.3 „Old Habits, New Habitats“, we went full circle now. While still dwelling on traveling, No.4 „The Journey Home“ finally examines the counterpart of being away. The grass always seems a little greener elsewhere, but being at home surely brings about several advantages. Thus, No.4 provides a new angle to our own formula.

If you are keen to do more research on your own, check out their selection on instagram, listen to their soundtrack on spotify, check their upcoming trailer and lastly, get their products here. Flight Mode No. 4 will release on 11th of June. Stay tuned!

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