Blått Stål book preview

Blått Stål (Blue Steel) is a unique chronological story about the graffiti train writing scenen on the commuter trains of Stockholm. It is the most solid historical document that addressed this topic ever. Over a hundred painters, drivers, cleaners, security guards are heard to give the overall picture of three decades of this until today controversial culture. Today, the classic old blue train type X1 only a memory. The majority of Stockholm residents who traveled with it daily do not even reflect that their transportation to and from work, school or daycare has changed colour and shapes. For others it is an era gone to the grave. Blue Steel provides a unique insight into an otherwise very closed and difficult understood subculture, graffiti on trains. While the book is a declaration of love and a nostalgic journey through Stockholms graffiti scenen on the commuter trains from the first painting in the mid 80’s until today, you will also experience the consequences of graffiti and it backsides.. Get a glimpse behind the graffiti guards secret methods, the “blue painters” routines and marvel at the graffiti writers stories, sacrifices and human destinies. Featuring interviews with: security guards, cleaners, drivers and whole chapters with Dano, Slisk, Erse, Star, Fher, Aman, Skil, Nug, Slice, Kaos, Sear, Dne.

Release date: November 26th, 2013
Pages: 352
Format: 300 x 195 mm
Language: Swedish
ISBN: 978-91-637-3720-6

If you are in Stockholm this week end make sure you visit the release part on saturday! More info about the release party at Facebook.

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